Grace Noel Art


Grace Noel is a mixed media fine artist and muralist. You can visit her studio at the Denver Art Society Underground in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. The vision of Grace's work is inspired by being outside in the sunshine. She is a master painter and confidently works in all paint media from egg tempera to spray paint.

The universe is where it all begins, literally and artistically. Grace is inspired by the stars, and always has been. The stars brought the family together, as she learned astrology from her mom, who would talk endlessly about Western and Chinese astrology. At a very young age, her mom taught her the different constellations and planets looking into the indigo night sky. Mom knew the magic of the stars from constellations, astrology, identifying planets, and the old Chicana folk stories. They all flowed together like the electric yellow Milky Way.

The unimaginable depth of space and the ocean’s vastness, scarcity yet abundance, and beings of light inspire Grace Noel’s Art. Her first series in 2015 depicted the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere. These works gave way to the HAWK series 2015-2017: A magical adventure of Hawk and her dogs as they travel through space and time. In spring 2018, Grace released:

We are all made of sunshine. Sunshine makes the plants grow, the water flow, and the wind blow. So now it is time to go, on a magical journey through the rainbow.

Now, Grace Noel Art is taking sunshine and expressing it as star signs through the Chinese Zodiac: 4 Elements Series. Now, Grace turns sunshine into star signs with the Chinese Zodiac 4 Elements. Grace has been learning Chinese astrology alongside Western solar astrology her whole life, as it was part of regular astrology lessons with mom. This four-painting series combines the fire, earth, wind, and water groupings of three signs (trines) to complete 12 signs.

Thank you SO much for reading and remember: We are all made of sunshine. Sunshine makes the plants grow, the water flow, and the wind blow. So now it is time to go on a magical journey through the rainbow! Have a creative dream you want to make real? Let’s make magic together at: and on social media

734 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 82024