Plan West

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For nearly 50 years, Plan West has helped people and municipalities achieve goals in land planning, site design, and landscape architectural design. We base our philosophy and passion on helping clients create financially successful projects and long-term community assets.

We ask a lot of questions: What’s reasonable? What’s ambitious? Why? And more importantly—why not? Thoughtfulness, knowledge, tenacity, and passion are what nearly a half century of experience brings to our clients. 

Land Use Planning at Plan West creates opportunities for development with flexibility that allows projects to respond to changing market conditions. Our Site Design solutions provide the unique character, sense of place, livability, and recognition to create a market edge. Detailed Design and Landscape Architectural Design includeelements of art and sculpture to complement the community and enrich the living experience.  Entitlements—a focus on approvals—begins and continues with a meticulous attention to detail. Respect, clarity, and focus to build trust and a collaborative process with the stakeholders for the approval process.

More than 70 percent of projects come from repeat clients and personal referrals—a tribute to our personal approach and project success.

767 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204