Ninni & Foffa's


Vintage and Upcycled Gifts
We are often asked, "What does the name Ninni & Foffa's mean?" The name “Ninni & Foffa’s” (pronounced "Nee-Nee and Fooh-fah's") comes from what Marie’s young children called their Swedish great-grandparents, who are central figures in Marie’s life. Ninni and Foffa lead adventurous, sometimes harsh lives in rural Sweden, and naming our company thus is a way to honor their memories and embrace their indomitable spirits as we launch our venture.

Ninni and Foffa—Marie's Swedish grandparents. The names "Ninni" and "Foffa" were given to them when Marie's kids were still knee-high to grasshoppers. (Do they say that in Sweden?)

What remarkable people! Foffa bagged his last moose when he was in his 80s—the summer before he passed away. Strength and fortitude! Ninni blessed Marie with knitting superpowers and an eye for design that lets her create beauty wherever she goes, sometimes out of the most unlikely things!

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