Payge Gallery


I have lived between Washington State and Colorado throughout the past 17 years, and across this span of almost two decades, I have been developing my personal style as an artist. Before I was an artist, I had attended graduate school for international studies. I took time to start a family and have a baby. As something kept tugging at me beneath the surface of daily life, I decided to explore art classes. I am a mixture of a self-taught artist combined with theory from various resources.  Colorado local artist, Tony Ortega, was my first art teacher, followed by Judith Lightfield. I started steadily working on my craft, entering into student shows, and understanding marketing. I soon found myself living in Bellingham, Washington with my family, and before I knew it was back to Denver, Colorado and participating in the Art Students League. Inhabiting my Santa Fe Drive studio since November 2016 has brought inspiration and joy to my growth as an artist.

My paintings are multifaceted; each layer having it’s effect on the final creation. Sometimes the stroke of the brush is very intentional. And other times the intention is less evident, but the outcome makes a profound statement. I want the viewer to get what they will from my creations, without any influence from me.  

834 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 82024