Kat Payge Art

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When you meet someone, how much of the interaction is just "being polite" and how much of what you're expressing is actually how you feel?

One's experiences leave their mark on one's psyche, good or bad. We're trained by society to meet the world with polite construct. By interacting with those around us with empty "niceties" and not expressing our true thoughts, we hide our fears and insecurities. Thus eliminating the chance of having an authentic experience.

My paintings are multifaceted; each layer having it's effect on the final creation. Sometimes the stroke of the brush is very intentional. And other times the intention is less evident, but the outcome makes a profound statement. Ultimately, I want the viewer to experience what they will from my work, without any prodding from me.

I've always been fascinated by the way people can have two conflicting aspects of their personality at once. I apply this force of nature, duality, into my paintings by joining media that doesn't necessarily get along, like oil pastel sticks and acrylic paint. It's a common practice to layer oils over acrylic, but I like to layer acrylic over the pastel, which then repels the plastic medium. 

I grew to truly understand the concept of duality watching my father be simultaneously kind and understanding, to self centered and rejecting. It's who he is. And I've chosen to understand and accept him. And so I embrace polarities in all aspects of my life. 

910 Santa Fe Drive, Unit 101, Denver, CO 82024