Kanon Collective


Kanon Collective is an artist-owned and operated gallery located in the heart of Denver’s Arts District on Santa Fe, featuring the work of a dynamic group of local artists. Each month features new works by each artist in mediums ranging from oil painting and sculpture to mixed-media photography and works on paper. While each artist differs in his or her own personal style, the gallery is unified along colorful and contemporary lines. Kanon embraces artistically diverse perspectives and supports innovative and experimental styles, allowing each artist to choose what they display. Because all artists in the gallery are responsible for the gallery and its operations, all profits from sales go to the artist. This keeps artwork priced reasonably for the public and profitable for the artist.

In addition to selling artwork, Kanon also offers affordable artists’ services including: artwork documentation and photography, website design and postcard/business card design. Please call Kym (303-946-4870), or email for an appointment.

Kanon is open Friday-Sunday from 12-5, with extended hours of 10pm on First Fridays and 9pm on Third Fridays.

766 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204