Eron Johnson Antiques

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Eron Johnson's passion for antiques began back in high school. He was first introduced to architectural antiques by his art teacher, all in the midst of an extensive urban renewal in Denver. He began scouring these demolition sites, returning to class with historic and decorative fragments. Encouraged by his teacher, he then became intrigued by the stained glass in the Victorian buildings and taught himself to repair damaged examples. One area of collecting always led to another and soon his antique collection outgrew his parent's house.

By 19 years of age, he was selling his finds to dealers and opened Eron Johnson Antiques at the age of 22. Eron began by traveling across the country in an old van, buying and selling at flea markets and auctions, visiting museums and historic homes. Soon the collection needed more room and Eron bought the first buildings for the gallery which consisted of three abandoned Victorian houses, each without a pane of glass or door left. Renovating old buildings became another passion and following the renovation of several buildings and enormous inventory moves, in October 2012 Eron Johnson Antiques settled in their current 20,000 square foot building in an industrial area in a Denver neighborhood known as Valverde. The building dates to the 1920s and was formerly a construction depot.

Eron continues to expand his collection of fine antique furniture, accessories and architectural antiques. Our inventory dates from the 17th to the 19th centuries and originates from over 38 different countries in Europe, the Americas, the United Kingdom and Asia. Eron's passion for learning about other cultures, and the quest for the next wonderful or even peculiar objects, keeps visits to Eron Johnson Antiques exciting. In 2000 we launched our online catalog where you can shop our entire collection with over 5,000 objects.

377 South Lipan Street, Unit B, Denver CO 80223