Green Lady Gardens


Green Lady Gardens is a Central American folk art inspired houseplant & artisan boutique. Here you can find of selection of common & hard-to-find houseplants, unique pottery, a range of houseplant related tools, accessories, & gift items, & handmade products from local & international artists & fair-trade artisan cooperatives. The storefront is also an event space that regularly features educational & creative plant classes, art workshops, & dinners. 

Green Lady Gardens' owner, Jessica, is on a mission to make plants accessible to everyone, including self-proclaimed "plant killers". The real reason people have trouble with houseplants is a lack of pre and post-purchase information. Jessica knows that a prosperous houseplant relationship is based on three things:

1) Picking a houseplant that matches your skill level, light conditions, & watering ability; 

2) having healthy options to choose from; & 

3) knowing proper care when you go home.

When you visit Green Lady Gardens you will use a one-of-a-kind assessment system to find houseplant species that match your skill level & living environment. Then, you will choose a specific houseplant (or two or three) from inventory that was hand-picked for happiness & healthiness from a trusted local greenhouse. Finally, you will take home a unique care card for each of your houseplant purchases that includes plant specific information on water, light, humidity, temperature, pruning, tolerance, & soil. You will leave confident in your ability & ready to have a prosperous relationship with your new houseplant.

In the pursuit to make plants accessible to everyone, Green Lady Gardens is developing a sister nonprofit organization, Primary Plants. Primary Plants will serve primary school students from low-income Spanish speaking immigrant communities in Denver. The goal of Primary Plants is to educate the children about plants, promote an appreciation for nature, and ultimately, by giving the children plants to nurture, also give them the numerous scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits plants provide. Primary Plants plans to launch it's first initiative in early 2019.

733 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204