Banner on Santa Fe Drive for 1 Year

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Banner on Santa Fe Drive for 1 Year


The Art District on Santa Fe Urban Planning Committee has been hard at work to beautify Santa Fe Drive and is introducing a new banner program that is exclusive to ADSF members.

The initiative will help create fresh branding for the Art District—and celebrate the artwork of member artists and galleries. The banners are $500 each and can feature images of your work or artwork that your gallery represents.

Banner Logistics and Benefits:

  • banner size is 86” tall by 30” wide, printed on durable vinyl banner material

  • for each banner, the artist or gallery will supply 3 high-res images for consideration; no text will be permitted on the image

  • a local graphic designer will independently select images or detail for each banner design; the designer will have the final authority on which image is selected from the three submitted

  • banner location preferences will be determined on a first-come, first-serve basis. Banners will be replaced annually.

  • this first round of banners will remain on display for one year

  • the “Art District Branding” layout will be on the front (South) side, and “Neighborhood Branding” (B.I.D. logo and historic images of the neighborhood) will be on the back (North) side

Every ADSF member artist and gallery will have an equal opportunity to claim a banner, but orders will be fulfilled on a FIRST-COME BASIS AND THERE IS A LIMITED QUANTITY OF 10 BANNERS. (Limit one per business.)

IMPORTANT: Purchases are exclusive to members of the Art District on Santa Fe, who are current on membership dues for the entire year. If you are unsure if you are current, please contact Shaina Belton at or sign up now online.

If you purchase a banner, instructions will be sent to you for order fulfillment. If you have questions, please contact Board Member Lisa Kombakis at Thanks for your support of our nonprofit!