Alliance Française de Denver


The Alliance Française is a worldwide non-profit, cultural and educational center founded in Paris in 1883.  It is the world’s largest cultural network of over 800 chapters in 132 countries, serving over 500,000 students.

The Alliance Française has 107 locations in the United States alone, which makes it the world’s largest network of Alliances Françaises, serving 24,000 students (more than 48,000 enrollments annually). The Denver branch, called the Alliance Française de Denver was founded in 1897 and is one of the oldest non-profit organizations in the Denver Metro area.

It is also the only French language, culture, and resource center in Colorado.

The Alliance Française offers and supports continued learning both in and out of the classroom. Currently, the Alliance Française offers a variety of cultural and social events to its more than 1400 members, as well as to the general public. Events throughout the year include: lectures, art exhibits, film series, wine tastings, traditional celebrations and cooking classes. The Alliance Française makes learning French convenient by offering classes throughout the year, during days, evenings and weekends. All classes are taught by experienced native French- speaking teachers. Supplementary resources are also available free to all members, as the Alliance Française is home to over 5,500 books, films and audio materials to aid in the learning process both linguistically and culturally.

As part of a world-wide effort the Alliance Française is proud to promote the integration of cultures within the Denver community.

571 Galapago Street, Denver, CO 80204